Spaghetti with tomato and basil

Healthy spaghetti

The most famous dish in the world and one of the best, unmistakable, traditional. Quick, easy, healthy today I will show you the ingredients and the few essential steps to do. first put the water in a pot to boil (a little water so as to have a concentrated water of spaghetti starch at the end of the cooking of the pasta)

and in the meantime cut the tomatoes, garlic, basil with whole leaves and prepare the olive oil, put to suffrigate the garlic in the oil in a pan, Laqua if in boiling state add salt (a spoon).

At this point put your spaghetti (preferably wholemeal or 5 cereals, the cooking time depends on the number of spaghetti you have chosen, I always use eight barilla numbers, not too double or fine), after 7 minutes drain the pasta, place it in the pan with the tomatoes and add a spoonful of cooking broth, turn everything gently on a slow flame, by eye when you see that the pasta combines well with the sauce and it is not too dry or wet put your spaghetti in a hollow plate so as not to disperse its heat and dry quickly after which put fresh basil on top to release the unmistakable aroma.

Finally you can enjoy one of the best Mediterranean dishes in the world in a fast, easy and healthy way. We offer more than just recipes, we improve your life

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