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Healthy square cook with purple cauliflower resting on a wooden table next to a chef with a flower in his hand

Improve your life with recipes easy, fast, healthy

Welcome to health by eating the best recipes site: easy, fast, healthy. Our task is to improve the eating habits of people who today are becoming increasingly harmful. here you will have advice, unique lessons that will help you eat healthy at various times of your day, without the stress of taking a long time


What do we do

Bread on a wooden table cut in half near chestnuts and a green plant
Light bread cooked with the best ingredients, ready to be served

We produce bread, jams, spreads, pasta and much more. All organic to go to different needs and various intolerances, in addition by doing this we respect the environment

pizza with purple cauliflower local flowers of different colors on top of a table
Pizza with purple cauliflower, with local flowers on top

We offer many simple, fast, healthy recipes to meet different needs. very intuitive courses where in a few steps you will learn to be the best organic chefe

Basilico verde su un tavolo da cucina di ferro, tagliato da uno chef
Basil on a kitchen table ready to be worked, for a healthy dish

The only ones in the sector that do live courses, accompanying you in food shopping in a supermarket, teaching you how to recognize good foods and their properties

Red chickpeas with meat, ricotta, basil

Because you will love us

After our lessons you will immediately notice the difference in your health and aesthetics on a dermatological level. You will also be an example to your family and friends. your work routine will be less heavy. we teach not only to eat well, but also to love ourselves, we are what we eat

Avaliação: 5 de 5.

“Excellent service”

The service is incredible! I really hope that some of them are using your service.


Avaliação: 5 de 5.

“I loved the flexibility”

We are very happy with the courses and we appreciate the opportunity to buy with you for a greater immersion in learning, excellent, advice to everyone.


Avaliação: 5 de 5.

“Fantastic quality”

I really appreciate the quality and presentation. The flavor of the vegetables is extraordinary. I noticed great improvements in terms of aesthetics and health, thank you very much health by eating


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Stay warm in the fall: roasted pumpkin soup

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